Outdoor cinema is a great and innovative way to catch up with friends and family. Whether you decide to organise an outdoor cinema on a cruise boat, in your garden area, or a local park, the event is usually rewarding. However, you need to plan well prior to the event for a special and exciting experience. This article offers important tips on how to organise outdoor for 2020.

Top tips for organising an outdoor cinema

Define your needs

You can plan a small or large scale event based on your needs. A small outdoor cinema is easy to plan, but if you are running a commercial event, this is something you may not plan successfully on your own. You need the help of professional outdoor cinema planners, organisers and marketers. Whether you seek the help of outdoor park planners or movie festival organisers, you need to be objective

Having a clear plan will make the whole process easy in regards to venue popularity, ambient environment, size of the crowd, and the quality of entertainment you wish to offer to your guests.

Pick an impressive location

Outdoor cinema is all about an ideal and impressive location. This is where the fun is. Therefore, take time to choose a location that will provide an ultimate cinema experience to you and your friends. Some of the best places to consider setting your screens include:

  •    Stately homes.
  •    The garden area.
  •    Beach.
  •   Glorious lakeside.
  •   On board a boat.
  •   The countryside among other exciting places.

When choosing a location for the event, it is imperative that you focus on your audience. Whom do you want to invite and engage? With your audience in mind, work out an ideal location for unlimited entertainment.

It is also important to keep in mind the type of movies you want to watch in an outdoor cinema setting. There are many movies including the Bohemian Rhapsody to the Greatest Showman. The setting or location you choose adds more fun to your cinema experience.

Once you have identified the location, it is imperative that you create a comfortable atmosphere for the guests. Make the location inviting and cosy. Use fairy lights, glass or bunting lanterns in the garden.

Pick an ideal date, send the invitation

While hosting an outdoor cinema 2020 can be an exciting way to enjoy yourself under the starts, you need to pick a good date. If you wish to have the event during summer night or near the beach, choose a date that will be comfortable for your guests. A good day will see the guests relish mild breeze, or a warm summer night as they enjoy the movie. A beautiful setting and a perfect day will make the event memorable.

Set the tone with a good film

The film you choose an outdoor cinema is crucial. It can set an exciting or boring mood amongst your target audience. The rule of thumb is to settle for a movie that will be exciting to a wide range of guests. Therefore, take time to choose a movie with an interesting and strong theme. This will give you the room to get creative and entertain your guests.


It is equally important that you come up with a concept for the outdoor event. It goes a long way in attracting the right audience, and in choosing a movie that appeals to them. If you want a 9 pm outdoor cinema movie, you can consider top choices including;

  • Mamma Mia.
  • Bridesmaids.
  • The Wedding Singer.
  • The Greatest Showman.

Classic Movies to watch with friends include;

  • The Big Lebowski.
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral.
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Grand Budapest among other latest family movies.

For classic midnight movies consider the

  • Blair witch project.
  • Blade runner.
  • Alien.

Beetlejuice and The Shining among other classic to watch in 2020. A point to note is that if you settle for such movies, you are more likely to attract a large number of audience. They will take part in the public vote to choose the most favourite movies on giant outdoor screens.

Test your screening

It can be so embarrassing if the guests are seated ready to watch a film and your systems fail. Therefore, before the guests arrive, take time to test everything including the screen projector, speakers under the screen, and play on your film. Confirm if everything is ok, and set it up for your guests. You will get comfortable knowing that your guests will be entertained without technical hitches.

For smooth screening, you will need a quality projector, a DVD player or a laptop, quality speakers, a good film and a projector screen. If you can purchase these items, ensure you go for the best quality. Alternatively, hire an outdoor cinema company for your filming.

Good food and drinks

You can spice up the event with good food and drinks. Based on the age of your audience, choose exciting food, drinks, and snacks they can eat while watching. You can include the cost of food in the movie tickets, and give your clients or visitors the best treats. Popcorns are great for guests to grab before the movie starts and as they watch. You can also serve barbeque and sandwich. On a chilly night, consider hot chocolate to warm up your guests.


Get the best finishing touches

One of the best ways to make an outdoor cinema memorable is to get some extra exciting features. You can consider music and dance that appeal to your guests, live acts and face painting, especially if the event is for children.

Likewise, you need to add some pomp and colour to the event by settling for a theme that complements the film you chose. A fancy dress theme is more exciting, and it will make the event more colourful. Encourage guests that the best-dressed person or couple will get free food and drinks among other exciting offers.

Get creative

It is always good to think outside the box when it comes to outdoor events. Get creative and personalize the event the way you like it. Plan early, sit down with your technical and organising team and settle for ideas that will make the event better and wilder. The more unique ideas you have, the better if you want to give the ultimate experience to your guests.

Therefore, give thought to what the guests might love, explore modern ideas and understand what clients will expect. This is great, especially if you are working towards creating regular filming events.

Prepare well

Planning an outdoor cinema is not an easy task. Give yourself enough time to plan and concentrate on bits and pieces that will keep your clients entertained. Early planning also helps to prevent the last minute rush. What’s more, with proper planning, it will be easier to ensure every guest is entertained when the filming day comes.

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While planning, it is crucial to keep in mind the prevailing weather conditions. Rain can ruin an exciting outdoor event but with good planning, you can set up tents and encourage your clients to dress warmly. You can have ponchos and hoodies for sale on the event.

It is equally important that you send invitations early enough. Use your social media networks to reach out to friends, family and target audience. Let them know what to expect, what to bring along, and the kind of fun they can engage in. There are friends who would love to have fun until the sun goes down. Provide the best entertainment opportunities for your guests by sending them invitations early enough.

Work on a good budget

Get the numbers right for a successful event. Have a checklist of what is needed, the food, drinks, and any extras. This will help you to plan an event that is not only entertaining but is also fulfilling. Remember, guests do not want to pay up for an outdoor event with low-quality visuals, lack of enough food and drinks. Consider the number of expected guests, have enough seats and make each guest comfortable as much as you can.

Safety is paramount

Before the guests arrive, take time to check the environment or venue. Ensure it is well secured and safe for viewers. Your connections should be done well, and your projector should have sturdy and durable frames. Keep away all items that can cause injuries to your guests.


Your guests are most likely to drive in, and you need to accommodate for parking. Have volunteers who will guide the guests to safe parking. Most importantly, keep the area safe and ensure all parking rules are adhered to.

Consider your neighbours

With an outdoor event, often, loud booming audio is expected. What’s more, with large and bright screens projecting images, your neighbours may or may not be comfortable with the content being aired. In this light, communicate early enough and get permission to host the event.

Ensure that your neighbours are comfortable by keeping sound and screen projection at the recommended level.

With these tips in mind, you should be better placed to plan a successful outdoor cinema in 2020. You can add a professional touch to your event for an experience that is second to none by hiring The Silent Cinema Company. They have years of experience in organising outdoor cinema!

Tips for organising an outdoor cinema event

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