Why You Need To Engage Yourself With Good Thrillers Movies

You can not overlook the fact that you need distraction once in a while and fire up yourself. Thriller movies will give you the excitement you desire. There are so many reasons why the thriller movie is one of the best genres of film you can consider. They are suspense-filled, and they elicit certain moods that will make you thirst for more. The feeling of excitement, anxiety, and fear all in one. A good thriller movie will give you thrills and chills. It will keep you at the edge of your seat throughout the whole show and make your blood rush. Now are you aroused and ready to indulge in the best thriller movies you can stream? The list is endless, but here are 20 top thriller movies for you to stream anywhere and anytime.

1. Us:

Us is a mystery thriller movie where Adelaide and her husband decided to go to the beach house where she grew up. She was often on the edge and scared that something might happen. Their worst nightmare began when four strangers that were masked forced their way in. They were on a quest to search for some quietude but found themselves in a state of anarchy and forced to fight for survival. Us is a good thriller movie, and you are missing out if you don’t stream it.

2. Safe Haven:

This is a romantic thriller movie. A young woman with a mysterious past lands in North-Carolina. She was forced to confront her dark past and secrets. Will she be able to handle her past? Stream now to find out.

3. Collateral:

Collateral will make you forget about the real world and get you absorbed. It is one of the best thriller movies you can indulge in featuring Tom Cruise. If you happen to love crime and action based movies, this is for you. Max is a driver in LA and was about to call it a day when a client offered him $600 to make five stops. Max considered it a good deal until his client turned out to be a ruthless hitman and five stops meant five hits. Max questioned his choices and was not sure if he would make it out alive when the FBI and police started chasing them. They had one goal, to hunt them down. Will Max make it or not? Stream now to find out.

4. Greenroom:

The Greenroom is a 2015 American horror thriller movie by Jeremy Saulmer, and it is one of the best movies streaming right now. A punk of rock band is out hoping to make an extra change while playing a gig at a neo-nazi club in Oregon. They happen to witness a murder and survival became hard. The white skin-headed nazis are not going to let evidence walk. Find out the fate of the rock band as the movie gets intense and messy.

5. No Country for Old Men:

Llewelyn Moss was out hunting when he encountered proceeds from a drug deal gone bad. Succumbing to temptation, he picked up a bag of a briefcase full of cash and took it with him. The decision changed his position from the hunter to the hunted. The mayhem began when a ruthless killer named Chigurh picked up his trail and would stop at nothing to retrieve the money. This thriller movie will send chills down your spine, and it’s no doubt one of the best.

6. Dragged Across Concrete:

This is a 2018 American thriller movie that you can stream now. Brett and Anthony are police officers working together. During a drug bust, Brett assaulted the suspect and his girlfriend. The act was caught on camera, and the duo was suspended. They decided to descend into the criminal world using the connections they have made. From law enforcement agents to lawbreakers, Dragged Across Concrete is no doubt a must watch.

7. The Lovely Bones:

This is a drama-filled thriller movie. 14-year-old Susie Salmon was lured and murdered. However, she watches from her place in the afterlife. She observes her family that are guilt-stricken. Also, her murderer was living as if nothing happened. She must look for a balance between wanting her family to move on and seeking revenge. This movie will make you question why revenge doesn’t outweigh peace.

8. The Fugitive:

If you are into thriller movies that are based on crime, The Fugitive is a good one for you. Life was unfair to Richard. He was wrongly accused of murdering his wife. He decided to escape and search for the real killer. His quest made him a wanted man, and Deputy Samuel will stop at nothing until Richard is behind bars. Will Richard be able to prove his innocence or will he rot behind bars?

9. The Prestige:

Two rival magicians competing with each other to create the greatest illusion. The other magician was filled with hatred as his rival was able to create a grand illusion. He experiments put the lives of everybody in jeopardy. The Prestige is a good thriller movie that is filled with twist and turns. You are in for surprises so fasten your belt.

10. Ex-Machina:

Interested in a sci-fi thriller movie? Ex-Machina is your best bet. It focuses on a naive and young programmer. He won a contest and was to live with Ava, an Artificial intelligence human-looking robot and her creator. When determining the capability of Ava, it became evident that she was far more self-aware and deceptive than man. Is Ava a good robot or a bad one?

11. The Mechanist:

Trevor has insomnia so severe that he looks like a zombie. This affects his everyday activities. He caused an accident involving his co-worker, and this made him paranoid. He blames his problem on a figure named Ivan who is supposedly playing games with him. His paranoia worsens day by day.

12. Mud Bound:

Two families- one black and one white, work on the same patch of land in Mississippi. The place is foreign and full of fright. It was described as a place where dreams died, and hope was deferred. You are in for an emotional ride with Mudbound. This is a movie with a rollercoaster of emotions; it will give you that eerie feeling.

13. Zodiac:

A top thriller movie that focuses on a serial killer named Zodiac. He stalks and terrorises the city of San-Francisco. Investigators became obsessed with him. However, this doesn’t stop him or scare him. He continues to kill and leave coded messages behind. What are the messages meant for? Zodiac will keep you glued so grab your popcorn.
14. First Reformed: This movie depicts the enticing drama of a pastor in a small church. His faith becomes entangled after a devastating experience. A soul-shaking encounter that was so strong with an unstable activist and his wife. Stream the movie now and find out what the soul-shaking encounter is all about.

15. The Gift:

This is a psychological top thriller movie. Married couple Simon and Robyn met an old friend. They did not recognise Robyn at first. There were mysterious gifts from this strange friend. With time the encounter and gifts unleashed a mind-blowing secret.

16. Moon:

A man spent three years of his life on the moon. Already eager to meet his daughter, he found out when it was time to go home that he could not. He thought it was the end of his stay, whereas it was just the beginning. A great thriller that unravels the unexpected. Strange things were happening, and he needed to find out what.

17. Get Shorty:

This is a top comedy thriller movie about Chili who was sent by his boss to get an old debt from a certain Hollywood producer. Chili fell in love with the lead lady of the movie. A romantic night was sparked down the line. He then found out that his life as a mobster wasn’t so different from movies in Hollywood.

18. Room:

Mother and son were held hostage for a decade. They were cut off totally from the outside world, doing things in solitary confinement. They planned to escape and succeeded. They got rescued during the escape. After the escape, adjustment towards the outside world became hard. A crime related thriller movie you should stream now.

19. The Sixth Sense:

Young Cole gets haunted, and he saw things. The things he saw were so terrifying that he could not understand them. He was unable to talk to anyone but his psychologist, Dr Malcolm. Along the line, they discovered something unexplainable. A good thriller movie with an endless dose of thrill.

20. The Butterfly Effect:

This is one of the top intense thriller movies available today. It is about a college student, Evan Treborn. Evan frequently has throbbing headaches that cause him to blackout. He found himself in the past, back in his childhood and was prompted to change his past. He was unaware that minute changes in the past cause dramatic changes in the present. He found out a change he made landed him in an alternate reality where he was an inmate. Evan’s action on his past had a butterfly effect on the present.


Do you need to watch good thriller movies? The top 20 thriller movies are listed out above for you. No doubt they are the current best available. All you have to do is grab your popcorn and start streaming.

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